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            The Saltwater Magazine for Gulf Coast Fishing!

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                TIPS & TRICKS ARCHIVE



            Tips and tricks from Gulf Coast Fisherman to make your fishing a success...
            o Bungee Cord Preservation - Sunblock It!
            o Rigging Plastics on Circle Hooks - 1
            o Rigging Plastics on Circle Hooks - 2
            o Adding Eyes to a Plastic Bait
            o The Double Tail Rig
            o Boat Organizers
            o Hypothermia - What you need to know to survive
            o Trim Tabs
            o Choosing a Flats Boat
            o Boater Insurance for South of the Border
            o Inland Boater Insurance
            o Boat Insurance - Do You Have the Right Coverages?
            o Getting the Feel of Crankbaits
            o Fishing Croaker and Piggies
            o Choosing the Right Prop - I
            o Choosing the Right Prop - II
            o Boat Launching I
            o Boat Launching II
            o Choosing the Correct Onboard Fire Extinguisher
            o Fast and Easy Trolling Spread
            o A Better Downrigger
            o Keep Upholstery Looking New
            o Rod Maintenance
            o Safe Trailering
            o Hydrofoils
            o Choosing a Floating Dock
            o Installing a Through Hull Port
            o Bonding Hardware to Wood
            o Mahi-Mahi Magic
            o Anchor Door Tabs
            o Quick Change Haywire Twist
            o Using a GPS
            o World Record? Do this!
            o Choosing a Marine Genset
            o Circuit Protection
            o Sunburn Prevention
            o Tips for a King
            o One Handed Boat Landing
            o Shakedown Cruise Checklist
            o Catching Toothy Fish
            o Catching Schooled Fish
            o Primo Tuna Bait
            o Getting Hitched
            o Getting a Large Boat Ready for Market
            o Go Plastic!
            o Live Bait Kingfish Rig
            o How to Keep Your Boat Trailer in Top Shape
            o Marine Battery Basics
            o Below the Waterline Painting
            o Do's and Don'ts of Boat Launching
            o Understanding Marine Electrical Systems
            o Ready Throw Cast Net
            o Cutting Fiberglass Cloth Straight
            o Installing a Livebait Well
            o Removing Waterline Stains
            o Installing a Permanent 12v Receptacle
            o Personal Chartmaking
            o Removing Deck and Cabin Carpet Stains
            o Chum Decoy
            o The Role of the Sacrificial Anode



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